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Project Resources

Project Resources

This part of the website will give you access to project resources we publish, such as reports and other project outcomes.


National and European Analysis Reports

During the first phase of our project, we conducted two types of national analysis for each partner country: a national situation analysis and a needs analysis. While the situation analysis describes the state of existing offers for refugees by libraries and regarding e-learning, for the needs analysis we interviewed refugees, librarians and social workers and asked them about their needs and wishes for libraries as learning spaces and an e-learning platform supporting this.

As a result, we found some encouraging facts about the current situation, generated important input for our e-learning platform and discovered similarities but also differences between the partner countries.

Find out more by reading our reports!

Situation Analysis Austria

Needs Analysis Austria

Situation Analysis Germany

Needs Analysis Germany

Situation Analysis Greece

Needs Analysis Greece

European analysis (available soon)

Project News

Project News

The Project News, which we publish on a semi-annual basis, offer you information on the current status of our project as well as on where we are headed.

Project News#1 English

Project News#2 English

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